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This AWS full course will help you understand what is AWS (Amazon Web Services), how did AWS become so successful, the services that AWS provides (AWS EC2, A.. You will get a complete understanding of the AWS Cloud platform and be prepared to take... This course will help you become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

🔥 Edureka AWS Certification Training (Use Code: YOUTUBE20) - https://www.edureka.co/aws-certification-trainingThis Edureka video on AWS Full Course is a c.. AWS Training and Certification helps you build and validate your skills so you can get more out of the cloud. Our content is created by experts at AWS and updated regularly so you can keep your cloud skills fresh. We offer both digital and classroom training. Digital training allows you to learn online at your own pace

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the most popular cloud computing certifications. In this full course taught by an expert trainer, you will learn. Mit AWS Training and Certification können Sie Kenntnisse aufbauen und einschätzen, um die Cloud optimal zu nutzen. Unsere Inhalte werden von den Experten von AWS erstellt und regelmäßig aktualisiert, damit Sie Ihre Cloud-Kenntnisse auf dem neuesten Stand halten können

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training 2020 - Full Course

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Video Course This instructor-led video course combines essential theory with guided practical exercises that are backed by high-quality diagrams and references This AWS Course alone will help you get video training for clearing all 3 AWS Certified exams (Solutions Architect, Developer & SysOps Administrator) Associate. Created by BackSpace Academy, they are specialists in providing accelerated learning programs since 2014 and have trained 33,000+ students so far AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Anfänger | 6 Stunden In diesem Grundlagenkurs erhalten Sie ein Gesamtverständnis der AWS Cloud, unabhängig von bestimmten technischen Rollen. Er bietet eine ausführliche Übersicht über die Cloud-Konzepte, AWS-Services, Sicherheit, Architektur, Preise und den Support AWS for Startups (FREE 4-hrs Video Course) This is a free AWS course by Andrew Brown of ExamPro.com. This is a course for early startups and people who want a practical way to apply AWS, instead of.. Note that this video course is totally free, but Amazon's CCP exam itself costs $100 (practice exams are $20 each time). You can schedule an exam here. And no, Amazon is not paying us to give this information to you. We just think it's a worthwhile certification to explore. AWS has lots of other certifications, too. As does Google, Microsoft, and other cloud service providers. As always, do.

AWS Tutorial For Beginners AWS Full Course - Learn AWS

  1. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Video Course combines theory, and optional practical exercises to fully prepare you for your exa
  2. utes. These videos include live demos and live practical lessons. There is also an expert technical team that provides query resolution support. Moreover, upon completion of this AWS training course, one is well-prepared to take an AWS CSAA Certification exam. The main prerequisite for studying this AWS course is that one must have basic.
  3. AWS Tutorial For Beginners | AWS Certified Solutions Architect | AWS Training | Edureka - YouTube
  4. Master AWS with this video course for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification and pass your exam with confidenc
  5. Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers is a 4 part video course created in partnership with LinkedIn Learning to help you begin learning about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloud Computing from zero. I begin from What even is the Cloud? And go through the four domains of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam to help you begin learning about AWS
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is working to support customers with their research, remote work and learning, and other solutions to address their needs and current demands on communities and businesses. Learn more. Build Skills with Digital & Virtual Training. Digital Training. Learn in-demand AWS Cloud skills with hundreds of free, self-paced, on-demand digital courses. Browse and choose training. AWS (Amazon Web Service) is a cloud computing platform that enables users to access on demand computing services like database storage, virtual cloud server, etc. This online course will give an in-depth knowledge on EC2 instance as well as useful strategy on how to build and modify instance for your own applications. What should I know Training is available around the globe across multiple time zones, with classes delivered by either AWS or our AWS Partner Network Training Partners. You can search for AWS Training classes at our Learning Library. Select any course to choose a location, date, whom a class is delivered by, and language. You can browse selections via three options: View All, Digital Training, and Classroom Training (for live in-person and live virtual classes) AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Video Course is a video product designed to help viewers understand Amazon Web Services at a high level, introduce cloud computing concepts, and key AWS services, and prepare them for the exam according to the certification exam guide published by Amazon Web Services Featured Courses. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Available until . Become a Solutions Architect and confidently pass the SAA-C02 certification Adrian Cantrill % COMPLETE $40 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Available until . Become a Professional Solutions Architect and confidently pass the AWS SA PRO certification Adrian Cantrill % COMPLETE $80 AWS.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2020 (PASS

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (SAP-C01) certification video training course is a superb tool in your preparation. The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification video training course is a complete batch of instructor led self paced training which can study guide. Build your career and learn with Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional: AWS Certified Solutions Architect. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C01) certification video training course is a superb tool in your preparation. The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification video training course is a complete batch of instructor led self paced training which can study guide. Build your career and learn with Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C01. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (SAP-C01) certification video training course provides a structured approach easy to understand, structured approach which is divided into sections in order to study in shortest time possible [February 2020 Update - SAA-C02]: The course has been updated for the NEW 2020 exam version. Overall, 80 videos have been added or updated, and the course is now 22 hours long. Happy learning! [July 2019 Update]: Few lectures refreshed, including AWS Budgets and EC2 placement groups.-----Beginners welcome: no need to know anything about AWS

AWS Training and Certification builds your competence, confidence, and credibility through practical cloud skills that help you innovate and build your future. We offer both digital and classroom training so you can learn online at your own pace or from a live instructor. Download now The course, created by AWS experts and delivered by AWS Solutions Architects, uses video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes to dive deep on concepts about security on AWS. You will learn about the concept of least privilege and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, as well as view demonstrations of Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Secrets Manager, and cross-account access. We encourage IT professionals and leaders who are interested in learning about best practices for.

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AWS Certification is a credential that Amazon awards to you after passing an exam that validates your AWS Cloud knowledge, technical skills, and expertise. AWS provides the credential in a digital badge and title format so that you may use it on your business cards and other professional collateral to designate yourself as AWS Certified. AWS Certification is open to candidates over age 18 and those between the ages of 13-17 with their parent or legal guardian's consent. Candidates must be at. AWS Training & Certification offers a new training series called Introduction to AWS designed to help you quickly get started using an AWS Service in 30 minutes or less. Start with a short video to learn about key concepts and terminology and watch a step-by-step console demonstration about an AWS Service. Following the video, you can get hands-on practice using that AWS service with a free self-paced training lab on run.qwiklabs.com The Video on Demand on AWS solution, and the Video on Demand on AWS Foundation solution both provision the AWS services required to build scalable, distributed VOD processing and delivery workflows. This page provides guidance to choose the streaming solution that best fits your needs. Video on Demand on AWS Foundation This solution is designed to help you quickly get started encoding video. The course is comprised of video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes. Each week will focus on different aspects of computer vision with GluonCV. In week one, we will present some basic concepts in computer vision, discuss what tasks can be solved with GluonCV and go over the benefits of Apache MXNet. In the second week, we will focus on the AWS services most.

Video Courses. All on-demand video courses include practical hands-on labs and in-depth theory. Backed by high-quality diagrams and references, you'll earn how to architect and build solutions on AWS in no tim An AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a recommended path to achieving Specialty certification or an optional start toward Associate certification. This course is different from the other ones you'll find on Udemy. We will spend over eight hours discussing solution architecture on AWS in depth

In this course, you will learn to: Navigate the logistics of the examination process; Understand the exam structure and question types; Identify how questions relate to AWS architectural concepts; Interpret the concepts being tested by an exam question; Allocate your time studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exa The course is divided into 14 section and each one covering a key AWS concept e.g. Identity and Access Management (IAM), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Database, Simple Notification Service (SNS), Auto Scaling, Route 53, Serverless Lambdas etc

This Course is designed from basic to advance level topics for AWS Cloud-based Application based on IT industry requirement. From this course, you will learn all the major and demanded elements required for AWS Cloud environment like IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, ELB, CDN, S3, EIP, KMS, Route 53, RDS, Glacier, Snowball, Cloudfront, Dynamo DB, Redshift This updated digital course is for individuals who want to develop a fundamental understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of any specific technical role. You'll learn about AWS Cloud concepts, core AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support to build your AWS Cloud knowledge. This course will also help you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam Later in the course you'll learn about AWS Database services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon DynomoDB. Your instructors will also walk you through how to monitor and scale you application on AWS using Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling. Lastly, you'll learn about security on AWS, as well as how to manage costs when using. aws basics,aw basics for beginners in telugu,aws basics in telugu,aws basic services,aw basic interview questions,aws basic consepts,aws basic course in telu.. AWS core services are AWS Compute, AWS Storage, AWS Database, AWS Networking, AWS Management, AWS Security, and AWS Application Integration. The EC2 service enables streamlined scalability for virtual machines. Simple Storage Services (S3) are object-based for cloud storage. On-demand scalability and blazing performance are available with the DynamoDB NoSQL database option. In-memory caches are created with ElastiCache. The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is provided for routing tables, gateways.

Best AWS Certification Training Courses to master Amazon

Simplilearn's AWS Developer training builds upon the skills learned from the AWS Technical Essentials course. This course will teach you how to write code and design scalable applications, implement application security and testing, and develop expertise with key AWS components such as S3, Dynamo DB, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudFormation Using real-world examples of a serverless website and chat bot, you'll build upon your existing knowledge of the AWS cloud to take advantage of the benefits of modern architectures for greater agility, innovation, and lower total cost of ownership across a range of AWS services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Lex. In this course, you'll have the option to. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is fast becoming the must have certificates for any IT professional working with AWS. This course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) - Associate Exam

14 Best Free AWS Training & Course for AWS Certification

The AWS Technical Essentials course is the first 14 episodes and mirrors the class AWS offers online. The Technical Essentials course isn't a certification exam prep course, and doesn't have exam domains, however here's a list of what's covered: · Terminology and concepts related to the AWS platform · How to navigate the AWS Management Consol Amazon Web Services. Since 2006, Amazon Web Services has been the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 90 fully featured services for compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, developer, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, security, hybrid and enterprise applications, from. Our Courses. AWS is at the top among cloud service providers. Step ahead to enhance your cloud career with one of the AWS Certifications! AWS Certification Training Courses. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Cloud Practitioner certification demonstrates and validates your knowledge on the... Duration of Videos 09:20:22; No. of Questions 380; No. of Labs 21; 28628 Learners. 763 Ratings. Try.

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The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate course comes to the rescue. This video tutorial can replace 100 pages of any official manual! It includes a series of videos with detailed information related to the test and vivid examples. The qualified Amazon instructors help make your AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam preparation process dynamic and effective This video course will teach you best practices for working with AWS Lambda in byte-sized lessons (4-6 mins each). The areas covered are performance, scalability, security, resilience, observability and cost Amazon Prime has an online educational collection courtesy of The Great Courses, from history and language classes to National Geographic videos

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  1. This course will introduce you to the Internet of Things and then explore Amazon Web Services' IoT services, and then expert instructors will dive deep into topics such as the device gateway, device management, the device registry, and shadows. They will also discuss security features and implications, core and edge computing capabilities and benefits, and the use of HTTP and MQTT as.
  2. As promised, here is the 3rd free ExamPro AWS Certification course. This course prepares you to earn the coveted AWS Developer Associate Certification. And yes - you read all that correctly. This is a full 16-hour video course - available for free on freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel. We now have free courses fo
  3. read. P.S. I have over 1000+ videos that I want to make free. I am betting on the support of the community to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to make it happen. I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking.
  4. This AWS Training will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam SAA-C02 With Edureka's instructor-led sessions, you will be able to effectively architect and deploy secure and robust applications using AWS. This AWS training course will help you identify the appropriate AWS service based on databases, network, storage, cost optimization, compute, and security.

Ensure your success in AWS, Azure, Java, PMP, Agile, Big Data, Linux certification exams. Pass or 100% Money Back. Trained 3M+ professionals since 18 years. Start with Free Trial Now! Whizlabs Annual subscription. Get Unlimited Access to all Courses and Hands-on Labs with Premium Support. $199. $99. subscribe now. Request a Consultation. Name. Organization. Email. Requirements. Captcha. Submit. We are offering 320+ practice questions and 9+ hours of training videos for the AWS certified cloud practitioner exam. This aws certification course is designed to help you understand the technical concepts covered in the main exam. Also, we have a team of AWS experts that is ready to clarify any queries within 24 hours. This would be sufficient to pass AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training 2019 - A Free 4

In DevOps Essentials on AWS Complete Video Course, you'll learn how to continuous delivery pipelines using AWS services and tools so if you're some type of software or DevOps-focused engineer or architect interested in learning how to use AWS Developer Tools to create a full-lifecycle software delivery solution, it's the course for you. The focus of the course is on deployment pipeline. Course Introduction 1m The Course at a Glance 7m AWS Certification Tracks 8m What Is Cloud Computing? 15m Key Dates in the History of Cloud Computing 13m Summary 2m Introduction to AWS AWS History 9m On-premises Components 12m Do-it-yourself vs. AWS 8m Summary 2

The AWS security -the course covers topics that security pros and teams need to master security fundamentals. It follows best practices and builds in-depth knowledge of key services unique to the AWS platform. It covers topics like protection and encryption, infrastructure security, access management, monitoring, and logging, etc. Exam Details: Prerequisite: At least two years hand-of. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: Essentials Course 2020 [Video] By Anand Rao Nednur FREE Subscribe Access now; $67.99 Video Buy Instant online access to over 7,500+ books and videos; Constantly updated with 100+ new titles each month ; Breadth and depth in over 1,000+ technologies; Access now Or Sign In. Introduction to Cloud Computing. Introduction Course Agenda The Need for Cloud Computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) owns 34% of all cloud infrastructure and provides over 90 different types of services, including computing, analytics, database, and networking. Working knowledge of AWS will help you to boost your career in cloud computing, and this course is the perfect choice for getting started with AWS concepts and services The AWS Welding Fundamentals Course provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of welding. Participants will learn the basic science and practical application of the most commonly utilized welding processes along with other essential topics, including welding terminology, weld design, welding safety, electrical theory, the weldability of metals, and welding quality control

Intellipaat's AWS master's training course will help you master various aspects of AWS including SysOps, AWS Developer precepts, AWS Solutions Architect, and AWS Cloud Migration. Additionally, the course covers Linux OS and DevOps from scratch to further enhance your understanding. In this master's program, we will cover 9 different courses and 50 hands-on assignments and projects to make sure. This is the most comprehensive course on Amazon MSK. It's an incredible time and money-saver for our customers. - Damian Wylie, Amazon MSK Product Manager. Previous Next. Hi, I'm Stéphane Maarek. I am an Apache Kafka expert and I have taught Kafka to over 100,000 students online on Udemy. I sit on the 2019 & 2020 Program Committee organising the Kafka Summit in New York, London and San. As an Amazon Training Partner, Global Knowledge UK offers the latest and most comprehensive AWS training courses. Receive training in key areas of Amazon Web Services including how to design, operate and secure infrastructure on the AWS cloud. Enroll now to gain the AWS skills needed for success

With this AWS Certification Training course, you'll know when you are ready to pass your AWS Solutions Architect exam first time with a great score! If you want easy to pass questions, then these AWS Practice Tests are not for you! Our students love these high-quality practice tests because they simulate the actual certification exam and help them understand the AWS concepts. Check out the. learning, courses, training. 1: 1428: December 2, 2020 Harnessing Data in Amazon Honeycode Amazon Honeycode Help & Community is part of the Amazon Honeycode Service. By using Amazon Honeycode Help & Community, you agree to the AWS Customer Agreement.

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  1. AWS online courses offer immersive experiences that encourage learners to actively think, question, and draw conclusions. Unlike many PowerPoint presentations and classroom recordings, AWS courses incorporate animated graphics, audio narration, video footage, and interactive elements that make even the most complex topics both engaging and easy to understand. Brief modules, learner-centered.
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  5. The Goal of this Course. To expose you to the variety of ways you can use the Serverless Framework, and serverless technologies generally, in your frontend development work. We will assume a little basic knowledge about the serverless framework and some of the technologies. But the course will also reference other materials to help you work through the entire process
  6. What do you get with the course? The full 10 part video series; 24/7 Lifetime Access; Discussion, comments, and QA with the 5000+ other students and the instructor; All future updates; 4 Free AWS guides straight to your inbox; VIP wait list for enrollment to Practical and Professional Devops with AWS and Docke
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If you're looking to make sense of all that AWS has to offer, the Complete AWS E-Book and Video Course Bundle is an effective way to learn the ropes at your own pace. The ten-course bundle will. This AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and ensure that you are fully proficient in identifying AWS terminologies, concepts, benefits, and deployment options to meet your business requirements Learn to use containers to build Microservices on the AWS platform. In this video you walk through building a Flask Microservice using the following AWS tools: * AWS Cloud9 * AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registery) * AWS ECS (AWS Container Service) * AWS Fargate (Container as a Service) Finally, the course builds and deploys a Fargate container that was provisioned to ECR. Follow along with the Github Resource: https://github.com/noahgift/eks-fargate-tutoria

Some of the major topics that we will cover in this course include Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon Storage Services, Route 53, Direct Connect, and much, much more. By the end of this course, you'll be well prepared to sit and pass the certification exam, and you'll have the knowledge needed to design AWS deployments. However, before beginning this course, you should have essential knowledge of AWS. A great first step to acquiring this knowledge is to complete. Besant Technologies' Provides Job Oriented AWS Courses with Hands-on lab Sessions and get guidance on your Project to Complete Successfully from the Scratch. This Specialization Course will make you Master in AWS Cloud Skill and get a Valid Professional Shareable Certificate to the Potential Employers. From our Digital Classes you can learn from your Home at your flexible timing. Get Self-Paced videos and One-to-one Training Option with an Individual Trainer Top Premium Online Video Courses (Page 81) - Premium Online Video Courses. March Into Learning, Learn Leading Skills | Get Additional 10%, Use Code WOW Sale Ends In . Packages. Library. eBooks. Videos. Login. Previous Next. Top Courses. M. Kinetic Theory of Gases. 8 Lectures 01:28:03. Mr. Pradeep Kshetrap... $132 8.99. Add to Cart. JAVA 10 New Features - Crash Course. 33 Lectures 03:35:16. The Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Course (85+ Videos!) # aws # beginners # career # makeachange Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 Oct 10, 2019 ・ Updated on Oct 15, 2019 ・6 min rea

What is the Best AWS Online Training in 2021 (TOP 5 COURSES

This Instructor-led comprehensive AWS Training ( AWS Solutions Architect - Associate and Sysops Administrator) designed to show how to setup and run Cloud Services in Amazon Web Services (AWS) all the way through to IaaS with hands-on experience on AWS Public cloud. This course provides a strong foundation for implementing and designing cloud services AWS is the world's leading cloud platform provider. It has revolutionized and modernized the way we do IT. Today, AWS's certifications are the hottest and most sought after in the industry, especially for individuals interesting in the role of cloud architect and cloud engineering. Some of the major topics that we'll cover in this course include Consolidated Billing, Cross Account Access, AWS Directory Service, CloudHSM, Distributed Denial of Service, IPS and IDS, Direct Connect. Learning AWS? Check out these best online AWS courses and tutorials recommended by the devops community. Pick the tutorial as per your learning style: video tutorials or a book. Free course or paid. Tutorials for beginners or advanced learners. Check AWS community's reviews & comments In this course, DevOps on AWS: Getting Started, you will gain the ability to set up and configure cloud native AWS Continuous Delivery processes using AWS Developer Tools, without running any of your own CI/CD infrastructure. First, you will learn how to deploy apps with AWS CodeDeploy. Next, you will discover Continuous Integration with AWS CodeBuild. Finally, you will explore how to automate. Live video streaming. For live video streaming, your video content is streamed real time as live events happen, or is set up as a 24x7 live channel. To create live outputs for broadcast and streaming delivery, use an encoder such as AWS Elemental MediaLive, to compress the video and format it for viewing devices

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Whizlabs offers Online Course as well as Exam Simulator for AWS Certifications. So, if you the one, who wants to build a career in AWS services, we can help you in your preparation. We also provide 100% Unconditional Money-back Guarantee against Passing Certification Exam in a single attempt. Check here: Which AWS Certification Should I Choose This Complete AWS eBook & Video Course Bundle normally costs $662, but you can pick this up for just $29.99 for a limited time, that's a saving of $632.01 (95%) off the normal price Description This 7+ hour Complete Video Course is fully geared toward the AWS Machine Learning-Specialty (ML-S) Certification exam. The course offers a modular lesson and sublesson approach, with a mix of screencasting and headhsot treatment. Data Engineering instruction covers the ingestion, cleaning, and maintenance of data on AWS As you advance, this course takes you through the AWS global infrastructure, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), security groups, compute services, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and AWS Lambda. After you've explored the basics, you will cover AWS security concepts, such as the AWS shared responsibility model, AWS access control and management, AWS security compliance programs, and AWS security resources. You will get to grips with architecting topics, such as the Well. This course will provide you with foundational knowledge about AWS and put you on the path to obtaining AWS certifications. What Does This Introduction to AWS Consist of? Our AWS online training course covers basic information including Free Tier of AWS, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Container Service (EC2), and Amazon Virtual Private.

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Faculty: Sushanth | Duration: 20 Hours | Version: 2.6 | Development | PaaS based version on Windows & Linux. Faculty: Mujahed | Duration: 30+ Hours | Platform: Linux (ubuntu,redhat), AWS Cloud. Faculty: Kamalesh | Duration: 25 Hours | Solution Architect (Associate Level) | on Windows and Linux - Online Rapid Docker on AWS guides you through deploying your web application on a highly available, scalable, and cost-effective container-based infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will learn to leverage three important DevOps techniques—Docker, continuous deployment, and infrastructure as code—to automate the process of deploying your Docker containers and infrastructure to. This updated course will help you prepare for the 2020 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) exam which was released on March 23, 2020. It will also help you prepare for the SAA-C01 exam until the certification retires (tentatively planned for the second half of 2020). The first part of this course includes 14 episodes that cover AWS Technical Essentials, which will take you

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