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This package contains the templates. Other Packages Related to lxc-templates. depends; recommends; suggests; enhances; dep: lxc (>= 1:3.0.2-1~exp+1) Linux Containers userspace tools also a virtual package provided by lava-lxc-mocker. rec: bridge-utils Utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge rec: busybox-static Standalone rescue shell with tons of builtin utilities rec: cloud-image. The Debian TemplateVM is an officially supported TemplateVM in Qubes OS. This page is about the standard (or full) Debian TemplateVM. For the minimal version, please see the Minimal TemplateVMs page. There is also a Qubes page on the Debian Wiki

apt-extracttemplates - Extracts templates and install scripts from packages. - Offline Package Management . deborphan - This tool scans the package database for unused or redundant packages . dpkg-www - Debian package management web interface - browse Debian packages on a local or remote host using a normal web browser. apt-xapian-index - a tool to maintain a Xapian index of Debian package. Although we could use an existing Debian/Ubuntu package, we will start from scratch by creating and packaging our own trivial application. Once our package is ready, we will include it into our local package repository. This article illustrates a very simplistic approach, however it may serve as a template in many different scenarios Reading Time: 5 minutes Debian Package management tool dpkg is a low level tool which runs only Debian based Linux distributions. dpkg is used to search, install, remove, purge, unpack etc. the debian package.. In this blog we are going to covers the basics of creating custom .deb packages and managing them with dpkg and apt.. We will also cover the process of creating your own deb package.

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Debian GIS Project; package_template; P. package_template Project ID: 429 Star 0 34 Commits; 1 Branch; 0 Tags; 205 KB Files; 225 KB Storage; simple package template. Read more master. Here is an example of creating a simple Debian package from a simple C source program using Makefile.in and configure as its build system.. This is an enhanced upstream source example for Section 8.7, Makefile (single-binary package).This also links to an external library, libm, and this source is configurable using arguments to the configure script, which generates the Makefile and src. a lightweight template library (Python 3 package) wheezy.template is a lightweight template library in pure Python 3 code. * Compact, expressive, clean: minimises the number of keystrokes required to build a template. * Intuitive, little time to learn: requires only basic Python programming skills plus HTML markup knowledge. * Do not repeat. [2020-10-01] Accepted kicad-templates 5.1.7-1~bpo10+1 (source) into buster-backports (Carsten Schoenert) [2020-10-01] kicad-templates 5.1.7-1 MIGRATED to testing (Debian testing watch) [2020-09-25] Accepted kicad-templates 5.1.7-1 (source) into unstable (Carsten Schoenert Migration status for lxc-templates (3.0.4-4 to 3.0.4-5): Waiting for test results, another package or too young (no action required now - check later) Issues preventing migration: Too young, only 6 of 20 days ol

[2019-09-20] template-glib 3.34.0-1 MIGRATED to testing (Debian testing watch) [2019-09-14] Accepted template-glib 3.34.0-1 (source) into unstable (Jeremy Bicha) [2019-03-13] Accepted template-glib 3.32.0-1 (source) into experimental (Jeremy Bicha Introduction. Debian Package tool dpkg is used on Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Linux Mint, and other Debian based Linux distributions. This tutorial covers the basics of creating custom .deb packages and managing them with dpkg and apt.We will cover the process of creating your own deb file to distribute your package easily. It is aimed at people who are interested in learning the basics of creating. Packaging of templates should follow the same guidelines as packaging the actual source code. The catalog should be stored in /var/lib/PACKAGE/static where PACKAGE is the name of the Debian package with a Django project. The actual files should be symlinked to relevant media files distributed by each application or project package using manage.py build_static --link for django 1.2 or. Beispiel: Debian-Paket für HTML::Template erstellen $ mkdir /tmp/debian/ $ cd /tmp/debian/ $ dh-make-perl --build --cpan HTML::Template $ ls -l drwxr-xr-x 7 HTML-Template-2.9 -rw-r--r-- 1 libhtml-template-perl_2.9-1_all.deb und das Paket inspizieren dpkg -I libhtml-template-perl_2.9-1_all.deb neues Debian-Paket, Version 2.0. Größe 64106 Byte: control-Archiv= 1044 Byte. 1052 Byte.

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Package: emacs-goodies-el Version: 24.2-1 Severity: wishlist I'm a happy user of the Template Package for Emacs since several years now and I think it would be nice to have it included in Debian. emacs-goodies-el seems to me to be the best place to put it in. This Emacs package provides an easy-to-use yet powerful mechanism to create new files based on user-defined templates that are chosen. The list of things to be signed is part of the source package template (see below) Signing service updates and uploads a source package with the detached signatures . The source package is generated from a template in the binary package. This is slightly weird, but it can't get out of sync and makes reproducibility easy. It allows binNMUs to work without adding too much complexity to the. To control most of what debhelper does while building the package, you put optional configuration files under the debian directory. This chapter will provide an overview of what each of these does and its format. Please read the Debian Policy Manual and Debian Developer's Reference for guidelines for packaging.. The dh_make command will create some template configuration files under the debian.

[2011-02-24] template-new REMOVED from testing (Debian testing watch) [2011-02-23] Bug#614639: Removed package(s) from unstable (Debian FTP Masters) [2009-10-01] template-new 1.3.8-1.1 MIGRATED to testing (Debian testing watch) [2009-09-25] Accepted template-new 1.3.8-1.1 (source amd64) (Kumar Appaiah Horde Template System [more versions can be listed by madison] [old versions available from snapshot.debian.org] [pool directory] o-o-stable: 2.0.1-6; oldstable: 2.0.3-3; stable: 2.0.3-5; testing: 2.0.3-10; unstable: 2.0.3-10; versioned links 2.0.1-6: [.dsc, use dget on this link to retrieve source package] [changelog] [copyright] [rules] [control] 2.0.3-3: [.dsc, use dget on this link to.

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Please note that mentors.debian.net will generate a template for your uploaded package. ITP template Please note that reportbug will generate a template (click the first result) for your ITP Debian-Paket erzeugen ===== --> Ich habe ein C-Programm, welches ich gerne in ein Debian-Paket verpackt hätte! Ausgangslage The current python3-flask templates use the Alpine base python image. Precompiled wheels for many important python libraries are not available for Alpine, but are easily available for Debian. Using Debian makes it much simpler and easier to use python packages like Numpy or Pillow. Signed-off-by: Jeff Lowrey jefferson.lowrey@mantech.co

All the packages have to provide an identical copy of the template in their templates files. This can be useful if a bunch of packages need to ask the same question, and you only want to bother the user with it once. Shared templates are generally put in the shared/ pseudo-directory in the debconf template namespace 2016-07-06 - Aron Xu <aron@debian.org> dkms ( unstable; urgency=medium [ Aron Xu ] * Remove obsolete virtual package 'linux-image' from Recommends (Closes: #724566) * Do not ignore --kernelsourcedir (Closes: #653176) * Update upstream link to github * Use gbp-pq to manage patches [ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ] * Make dh_dkms name and version parsing more proper (Closes: #829123) [ Dirk. Then, fill in the template, and drop us a line on the debian-outreach mailing-list. Please note that below projects aren't approved yet. Please don't apply for non-approved projects. The list of approved projects will be available once evaluation is done by the admins. Unapproved Projects with confirmed mentors. Develop and implement Hotword App for Debian Desktop and Create Packages.

The package should be updated to follow the last version of Debian Policy (Standards-Version 4.5.1 instead of 4.5.0). A new upstream version is available: , you should consider packaging it Creating a VMware vSphere Template for Debian 10 using Packer. In our code, there are three files required to deploy a Debian 10 Template in VMware using Packer: The Packer template → debian10.json; The Variables file → variables.json; The pre-seeding file → preseed.cfg (Inside the http folder) 3. The Variables file for Debian 10. We create a file called variables.json and add the. The package should be updated to follow the last version of Debian Policy (Standards-Version 4.5.1 instead of 4.4.0). problems The as-installed testing for this package did not pass ( log )

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  1. The package should be updated to follow the last version of Debian Policy (Standards-Version 4.5.1 instead of 4.1.1). news RSS [2017-10-14] libhtml-template-perl 2.97-1 MIGRATED to testing (Britney
  2. A new upstream version is available: 20.12.1, you should consider packaging it. problems The as-installed testing for this package did not pass ( log )
  3. This package has been orphaned. This means that it does not have a real maintainer at the moment. Please consider adopting this package if you are interested in it. Please see bug number #820118 for more information
  4. es the package name, and is used to generate file names by most installation tools. Version: version-string Typically, this is the original package's version number in whatever form the program's author uses. It may also include a Debian revision number (for non-native packages). The exact format and sorting algorithm are.
  5. For debian packages the original source directory needs to be named <package>-<version>/ (e.g. r5u870-0.11.1/) so start by ensuring this is done or copy the existing source directory to a new one for the debianisation process. If working from a version-control repository such as git, svn, cvs, etc., it is best to create a working copy for packaging: pwd /home/all/SourceCode/r5u870 cp -a.
  6. Best Packaging Practices¶ Debian's quality is largely due to the Debian Policy, which defines explicit baseline requirements that all Debian packages must fulfill. Yet there is also a shared history of experience which goes beyond the Debian Policy, an accumulation of years of experience in packaging. Many very talented people have created great tools, tools which help you, the Debian.

Debian Perl Group; M. modules; packages; libcatmandu-template-perl; L. libcatmandu-template-perl Project ID: 14278 Dpt Salsa Configured Star 0 97 Commits; 3 Branches; 15 Tags; 348 KB Files; 348 KB Storage. Debian Perl Group; M. modules; packages; libtext-template-perl; L. libtext-template-perl Project ID: 17000 Dpt Salsa Configured Star 0 126 Commits; 3 Branches; 23 Tags; 727 KB Files; 727 KB Storage.

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  1. Official Debian packages with high relevance; If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for Debian Science to you, or if you have prepared an unofficial Debian package, please do not hesitate to send a description of that project to the Debian Science mailing lis
  2. To: debian-boot@lists.debian.org; Subject: Re: Packages with Debian in templates; From: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>; Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 02:22:43 -0400; Message.
  3. package_template Project overview Project overview Details; Activity; Releases; Repository Repository Files Commits Branches Tags Contributors Graph Compare Labels Merge Requests 0 Merge Requests 0 CI / CD CI / CD Pipelines Jobs Schedules Operations Operations Environments Packages & Registries Packages & Registries Container Registry; Analytics Analytics CI / CD; Repository; Value Stream.

Report forwarded to debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org, Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org>: Bug#513039; Package software-properties-gtk. (Sun, 25 Jan 2009 21:45:09 GMT) (full text, mbox, link) All modifications made in the base template should target the template release and use the debian version '0~template1' (and bump if appropriate). Every time the Mumble team updates the template package, one of these template entries will be added. The package version number that is used is simply a reflection of the current Mumble package at. Packages & Registries Packages & Registries Container Registry; Analytics Analytics CI / CD; Repository; Value Stream; Snippets Snippets Members Members Collapse sidebar Close sidebar; Activity Graph Jobs Commits Open sidebar. Debian Perl Group; M. modules; packages; libtemplate-tiny-perl; Details; L. libtemplate-tiny-perl Project ID: 16741 Dpt Salsa Configured Star 0 57 Commits; 3 Branches; 9. 2018-04-29 - Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org> grr-client-templates ( unstable; urgency=medium [ Raphaël Hertzog ] * Update team maintainer address to Debian Security Tools <team+pkg-security@tracker.debian.org> * Update Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser for the move to salsa.debian.org [ Hilko Bengen ] * No longer install Nanny binaries since they are built as part of the grr-server package.

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  1. The Debian packages are the preferred, and easiest, way to install Koha on Debian based operating systems, including Ubuntu and Mint. OS versions tested as working: Debian 10 (Buster) Debian 9 (Stretch) Debian 8 LTS (Jessie) [1] Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy) Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic) [1] Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) [1] [1] See section 'Support for Koha on older versions of Debian.
  2. with files specific to the native Debian packages. licenses/ template files for the more common licenses used in Debian packages EXAMPLES ¶ To get dh_make to use the defaults and ask you various questions about the package dh_make Create your single class package using the with the GPL license: dh_make -s -c gpl A more involved example where you set your name in the environment, contact email.
  3. Some differences compared to the previous grub-efi-amd64-signed-template package: There are various debian/rules* files. This is likely due to the fact some of them are generated even for the regular linux source package, as version numbers are mentioned there. There are some maintainer scripts (post-installation, post-removal, etc.) for some of the generated binary packages. There are many.

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  1. istrators by mailing ftpmaster@ftp-master.debian.org) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Format: 1.8 Date: Sat, 17.
  2. Problems for source package node-vue-template-compiler Current Source Version: 2.4.2-1 Current Maintainer: Debian Javascript Maintainers <pkg-javascript-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
  3. lxc-templates (3.0.4-4) unstable; urgency=medium * d/patches/0002: Update lxc.debian template to document alternatives to the download temmplate (Closes: #959926) * d/control: - Add mmdebstrap as a recommend * d/README.Debian - Add some local documentation to the package to help people not using the download template * d/patches/0003: Handle properly the security repositories for the future.

Debian Perl Group; M. modules; packages; libhtml-template-expr-perl; L. libhtml-template-expr-perl Project ID: 15322 Dpt Salsa Configured Star 0 46 Commits; 3 Branches; 6 Tags; 430 KB Files; 430 KB Storage. Debian Bug report logs: Bugs in package python-wheezy.template in unstable. Maintainers for python-wheezy.template are Debian Python Modules Team <python-modules-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>.. You may want to refer to the following packages that are part of the same source: python3-wheezy.template. You might like to refer to the python-wheezy.template package page, to the Package Tracking. Debian Python Team; packages; python-wheezy.template; P. python-wheezy.template Project ID: 37437 Star 0 15 Commits; 1 Branch; 2 Tags; 553 KB Files; 553 KB Storage. Debian Security Advisory DLA-2595-1 velocity -- LTS security update Date Reported: 17 Mar 2021 Affected Packages: velocity Vulnerable: Yes Security database references: In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2020-13936. More information: It was discovered that there was a potential arbitrary code execution vulnerability in velocity, a Java-based template engine for writing web applications. It could. Debian packages must adhere to a strict directory structure. This includes a so-called control file and other scripts that look after what happens during installation of the package. Here's a sample of our directory structure: The control file, DEBIAN/control. The control file is the core of the Debian package; it contains all relevant metadata. Things such as package name, version.

Debian Packaging Template. debian-packaging Updated Apr 6, 2019; darealshinji / debian-packaging Star 19 Code Issues Pull requests Create Debian packages of non-free, closed-source and other software. debian dpkg ubuntu. debian-package. As the name implies, this template contains configuration for building Debian packages. The user specifies the Debian based release (Debian 9, Ubuntu 18.04, etc ), and occasionally architecture ( arm32v5/debian:buster ), to create a directory with a Dockerfile and some additional files If the upstream source comes as hello-.9.12.tar.gz, you can take hello as the upstream source package name and 0.9.12 as the upstream version.. debmake is meant to provide template files for the package maintainer to work on. Comment lines started by # contain the tutorial text. You must remove or edit such comment lines before uploading to the Debian archive

Deb content refers to software packages and errata for Debian-based Linux systems (e.g., Debian and Ubuntu). This article focuses on Debian 10 Buster but the instructions also work for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa, unless noted otherwise. 1. Create the operating system 1.1. Create an architecture. Navigate to Hosts > Architectures and create a new architecture (if the architecture where you want. For a better overview of the project's availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme: Official Debian packages with high relevance; Official Debian packages with lower relevance ; Unofficial packages built by somebody else; No known packages available but some record of interest (WNPP bug) No known packages available; If you discover a project which.

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Manual installation of MediaWiki can be painful and time consuming, especially for users lacking technical proficiency. Some users find it easier to get up and running with MediaWiki using a software bundle.These software bundles include some combination of operating system, AMP package, MediaWiki software, extension package and/or template package debconf-updatepo has not been run since the last change to your debconf templates. You should run debconf-updatepo whenever debconf templates files are changed so that translators can be warned that their files are outdated. This can be ensured by running debconf-updatepo in the 'clean' target of debian/rules. PO files will then always be up-to-date when building the source package. Visibility. Users now have additional Operating System choices to use with Dedicated Servers. Debian 10 (Buster) has just been added to the available OS templates for dedicated servers. This template is available for immediate deployment and can be selected from the OS Reinstall menu in the Server Panel for existing servers

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  1. Information on source package lxc-templates. lxc-templates in the Package Tracking System; lxc-templates in the Bug Tracking System ; lxc-templates source code; lxc-templates in the testing migration checker; Available versions. Release Version; buster: 3.0.4-0+deb10u1: bullseye: 3.0.4-4: sid: 3.0.4-4: Open issues. Bug buster bullseye sid Description; CVE-2017-18641: vulnerable (no DSA.
  2. How to cleanly remove a package from a Debian-based distribution. by Jack Wallen in Software on September 11, 2019, 11:07 AM PST When you uninstall an application from Linux, make sure you're.
  3. ITA/ITP = Intent to package/adopt.....O = Orphaned.....RFA/RFH/RFP = Request for adoption/help/packagin
  4. MNI stereotaxic space human brain template Modeling of neural systems - Debian Science packages for modeling of neural systems. This metapackage will install Debian packages which might be useful for scientists interested in modeling of real neural systems at different levels (from single neuron to complex networks). The selection of packages is targeting the application of simulation.

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The package diploma contains examples which illustrate the possible ways to do this effectively with Debian GNU/Linux. Each example consists of a source tree where you can do make in the top level directory and then the source code is compiled, the measurement data are processed, and the results are converted into nice figures. Then the text is processed and combined with the figures to a. A multisite/wikifarm solution for the Debian package is now the #2 item on the TODO list right after releasing the latest upstream version officially. Can you install it on ubuntu. Yes, it is in the repository, but how to get it to work is not explained. Instead, you may install Apache2 with php5 and unpack the tar-package in /var/www. Then, follow the instructions in dokuwiki manual. Extracting templates from packages: 100% Why is this message in stderr ? debian stderr apt. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Apr 9 '19 at 7:41. Eagon Eagon. 41 5 5 bronze badges. Add a comment | Active Oldest Votes. Know someone who can answer? Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Your Answer Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be. So now we have a non working Debian template in Debian's own stable lxc package. What. Anyway, I decided to try to get the template Rob created as close to upstream as possible so there is a working template anyone can use and which might have a chance of being added to a stable update. Starting points were Rob's template, the last template from Debian's lxc package before the switch to the. For a better overview of the project's availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme: This is a probabilistic atlas of the cerebellar lobules in the anatomical space defined by the MNI152 template. Lobules were masked separately on T1-weighted MRI scans (1 mm isotropic resolution) of 20 healthy young participants (10 male, 10 female, average age.

2020-01-25 - Gianfranco Costamagna <locutusofborg@debian.org> dkms (2.8.1-5ubuntu1) focal; urgency=low * Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes: - break shim-signed 2020-01-22 - Raphaël Hertzog <raphael@offensive-security.com> dkms (2.8.1-5) unstable; urgency=medium * Team upload. * Patch dkms to not load random modules during dkms install Closes: #931017 * Replace maintainer email. instead of assuming bad faith, you could go with what really happened: i was sort-of forced to abandon the perfectly working lxc-debconfig template which was at that time installed as lxc-debian (so it was working for everyone using the debian package), and was sort-of commanded to not touch upstreams lxc-debian at all. for me personally, upstreams lxc-debian is hardly usuable for many reasons. Instead, it could either skip it completely (nobody really needs the developers' documentation before installing Debian from a CD) or get it from elsewhere. I want to remove the contents of the aforementioned directory from the FTP sites (for the same reason: nobody really needs the developers' docs there while browsing the FTP site), but this will be delayed until we make sure Jigdo doesn't. NAME¶ make-kpkg - build Debian kernel packages from Linux kernel sources SYNOPSIS¶ make-kpkg [options] [target [target...]] DESCRIPTION¶ This manual page explains the Debian make-kpkg utility, which is used to create the kernel related Debian packages. This utility needs to be run from a top level Linux kernel source directory, which has been previously configured (unless you are using the.

Re: Porting packages to use po-debconf for debconf template translation management. From: Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> Re: Porting packages to use po-debconf for debconf template translation management. From: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> Prev by Date: Re: Apt-get for user This template MRI volume was created from 27 T1-weighted MRI scans of a single individual that have been transformed into the Talairach stereotaxic space. The anatomical image is complemented by a brain and a head mask. All images are in 1x1x1 mm resolution. This package provides the template in NIfTI format A udeb (or micro-deb) is a special kind of Debian package. Technically udebs are very similar to regular packages: you can look at their contents using dpkg -c, and extract them using dpkg -x and dpkg -e. The main difference is that a lot of policy requirements are waived. For example, a udeb does not contain a changelog, licence, manpages or md5sums [4]. The reason is to minimize size which. 2017-11-30 - Piotr Ożarowski <piotr@debian.org> jinja2 (2.10-1) unstable; urgency=medium * New upstream release * Add python3-sphinx to Build-Depends and invoke dh_sphinxdoc after building documentation * Standards-version bumped to 4.1.1 - -doc package's Priority changed to optiona

Debian packages must comply to several normative requirements and guidelines. We can't give you exhaustive instructions on how to build packages here. In short, we expect you to provide a source package complying to the Debian policy at least (see below). Please take a look at those excellent resources: The Debian Policy Manual A must-read resource to learn about technical specification and. Debian Bug report logs: Bugs in package python-wheezy.template in unstable. Maintainers for python-wheezy.template are Debian Python Modules Team <python-modules-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>.. You may want to refer to the following packages that are part of the same source: python3-wheezy.template. You might like to refer to the python-wheezy.template package page, to the Package Tracking. Well, I had debian packages jde, semantic, speedbar etc (jde deps) installed previously to try out jde with non-x emacs (which worked fine). However, they are now purged, so the only semantic (emacs-)package left is the one from xemacs21-basesupport. I have tried getting this to work on a clean box too (where jde etc has never been installed) so I dont think the problem is caused by any.

The debian/rules file appears to be an unmodified or insufficiently modified copy of the dh_make template. Please double-check the rules file Edit Package zeek. Title: URL: Description: Cancel. Zeek Zeek is a powerful framework for network analysis and security monitoring. debian-template.zeekctl-KIND.postinst: 0000000610 610 Bytes 18 days debian.changelog: 0000000122 122 Bytes 18 days debian.changelog.template: 0000000133 133 Bytes over 1 year debian.compat: 0000000002 2 Bytes over 1 year debian.control: 0000001793 1.75 KB 18.

The specified directory should contain files that will be placed in the ./debian directory of the kernel sources, in preparation to building the debian packages. The files will replace anything in /usr/share/kernel-package that would normally be placed there, and it is up to the user to make sure that the files in the overlay directory are compatible with make-kpkg The Debian release team published an update on the status of Debian 11 Bullseye.Bits from the Release Team: frozen hard to get hot Hi all,According to schedule, we froze bullseye a bit more last week (12-03-2021). This means that we are one step closer to the release of bullseye and we expect everyone to follow the.

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This means that from now on key packages and packages without significant autopkgtest coverage need to be unblocked by the release team to be able to migrate from unstable to testing. If you need to request an unblock, check that your request is in line with the freeze policy and use $(reportbug release.debian.org) in order to get the meta data correct and get the template that helps us get.

Copying Debian package selections to a new machine
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